Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Is Aiden Mathis Returning?

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July 16, 2013


On Tuesday, actor Barry Sloane dropped a spoiler that definitely calls for your most-wanted speculations, Revengers.

It all starts with #AidenBack and #AidenFlashBack. Of course, we sure hope that Emily’s badass love interest is returning for season 3! But the question is, is he? Or is he not? Let the brainstorming begin, shall we?

On Sloane’s official tweet, the actor revealed an excerpt from his script shown in the photo below:


Is #AidenBack or is #AidenFlashback ? #DanielGrayson #AidenMathis #RevengeS3IsComing

Start guessing and weigh-in below!

  • snail

    Would be a shame if he didn’t come back. Love his character :-)

  • deme

    He made the season for me. Spoilers indicate he will be back and out of Emily’s shadow.