Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Emily’s Fake Death and Nolan’s Orange Is The New Black Theme

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August 23, 2013


We get how twisty and entangled Revenge‘s plots are, but what happens when the show take an off the beaten path we’ve never seen before?

Say, faking the death of its de facto protagonist, Emily Thorne?

E! Online enlightened us with this theory, read the latest Revenge fake-death mystery spoiler below:

We wouldn’t be so sure about that. Emily VanCamp did tell us that this season is “the beginning of the end of Emily Thorne.” Ominous, no? True, it’s a long shot that ABC would ever get rid of their leading lady, but it sounds like the writers do have some old tricks up their sleeves. “It’s going back to season one,” VanCamp says, adding that the love square or “rhombus” is back in full force. “It refocuses her conflict with the Graysons,” she reveals.

Meanwhile, to veer you away from all that revengenda darkness, here’s an orange-y spoiler that you can look forward to on the side of master hacker, Nolan Ross:

Gabriel Mann tells us that his character’s new trend this season will be “orange for prison jumpsuits.” Orange Is the New Nolan? We dig it.

‘Revenge’ season 3 premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 on ABC.