Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Emily Will Team Up With Victoria!

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August 21, 2013


Befriending the enemy is the key, Revengers!

Actress Emily Van Camp has teased that her character, Emily Thorne will be working hand-in-hand on a certain agenda with her all time nemesis/mother-in-law, Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) on the forthcoming third season of Revenge.

Is this for real? Read the spoilers below:

“We have a moment where we actually band together,” previews the actress. Of course, like most of the truces forged by the sworn enemies, this one is short-lived. “We put up this united front and then, after whatever it is is taken care of, it’s like, ‘OK, I’m outta here,’” VanCamp says with a laugh. “But it’s nice to be able to play something [civil] with Madeline [Stowe] because [Emily and Victoria] are always at odds each other. And I hate it because I love Madeline so much. We’re so evil to each other.”

Source: TV Line