Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: A Brokenhearted Nolan Ross

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September 15, 2013

gabriel-mann-as-nolan-ross_445x595Nolan Ross‘ season 3 arc on Revenge is gonna look a little sloppy, atleast on the romance department. (RIP Padma)

E! Online had a chat with the onscreen kickass hacker, Gabriel Mann, check out what he teased:

“I think when we meet Nolan in season three he is not trying to remember names or take numbers. I think his heart has been broken,” Gabriel Mann teases. “I would say being a love interest to Nolan is very dangerous endeavor; they usually end up dead or in a mental institution. So I feel sad to anyone that gets too close to him, but it’s not going to stop them.”

BONUS SPOILER | Expect for Ross and BFF Emily to share a lot of adorable scenes!

‘Revenge’ season 3 premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 on ABC.