Revenge Season 3 First Look + Spoilers: Details on ‘Mini-Season’ Arc, Charlotte’s Pregnancy and More!

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September 4, 2013

PROMO PHOTO | ABC has released a first look image of Revenge season 3 featuring mother and daughter, Victoria and Charlotte Grayson.

Check out the image below:


SPOILERS | Revenge new boss Sunil Nayar talked about what fans should expect on the Sunday drama now that he’s officially calling the shots. As part of the ‘revamped’ season 3, Nayar reveals that Emily will be ‘more invested than ever’ on her Revengenda against the Graysons.

New showrunner Sunil Nayar describes Revenge’s revamped Season 3 as “two major seasons, with one mini-season smack in the middle of it. We’re starting with the flash-forward [to Emily's wedding] that will pay off in spectacular fashion in December, and then we’ll have three amazing episodes in January that will launch us into our final eight.” Expect to see Emily “more invested than ever” in her charge against the Graysons (“Especially after everything that happened last year with regards to three of her favorite people: Aiden, Nolan and Jack”) and a “new conception” of Aiden that is no longer “so Emily-specific.”

In addition, the EP also gave out teasers around Nolan’s post-prison storyline. And after facing the tormenting death of Declan, Nayar has finally spoken up about Charlotte’s season two pregnancy.

After a brief spell in jail, Nolan’s “desire is to just live life to the fullest and to capture every moment in the way that only he can” — aka by slutting it up! Fans will also learn “how Charlotte’s pregnancy played out, and see how both it and Declan’s death really affected her,” Nayar teases.

Source: TV Line

Revenge returns Sunday, Sept. 29 on ABC.