Revenge Season 3 Episode 11 “Homecoming” Sneak Peek #1

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January 5, 2014

ABC has released a first sneak peek for Revenge, season 3 episode 11 “Homecoming”.

  • Lauren

    HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT OF AN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily keeps losing, Victoria keeps winning. How is this revenge? It should be called Victoria Wins Show, because that is all that keeps happening. The spark from season 1 that made this show amazing is GONE, GONE, GONE! What’s the point of continuing if Jack and Emily are never in any scenes for more than 10 seconds! What’s the point of continuing if Victoria NEVER LOSES! Emily has spiraled down the rabbit hole of no return and the title of the show doesn’t even go with the premise of season 1′s intention seeing no revenge is occurring on Emily’s side. She’s a door mat that has been struck down so many times, I’m done as well. HUGE DISAPPOINTING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Did it ever occur to the writers that if Emily forever loses, the audience grows tired of watching her be punched and slammed over and over again? Hello writers, the show no longer has the appeal from season 1! I thought Emily was going to come back and actually kick some major bodies down, but nope. Sadly everyone else is winning as usual and Emily is losing as usual. Victoria’s score is now at 1 million and counting and Emily’s is in the negative below zero range. I’m done.