Revenge Season 3 Episode 10 “Exodus” First Look Photo

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October 31, 2013

ABC has released a first look image of Emily and Daniel’s upcoming nuptial on Revenge titled “Exodus”. As scooped earlier, expect for the ceremony to be huge and “extremely posh”.

On the image below, Miss Thorne is captured with her BFF Nolan Ross in a scene where they are (possibly) getting grilled by reporters.

(Is it just me or does Emily mirror the most miserable bride with that gloomy look on her face?)

revenge wedding

Image Credit: E! Online

‘Revenge’ airs every Sunday at 9PM on ABC.

  • MusicGurl8192

    Well duh, she’s Gloomy she’s Marrying Daniel and not Jack her True Love!

  • MusicGurl8192

    BTWs may i add that Jack is her True Love ;)

  • velvetdewdrop

    No, she just looks alert, and is looking a diff way