Revenge Season 2 Spoilers: A Wedding And A Mystery Groom

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May 24, 2012

Revenge will be bursting onto your screens in Fall 2012 in a new time slot: Sundays at 9 pm. Yes that’s right: your favorite guilty pleasure soap has been renewed for a second season ! To celebrate, here’s some spoilers to whet your appetite.

For those of you Team Jack or Team Daniel, you’ll finally have some answers – just not right away. As EP Mike Kelley states:

I can tell you that season two we are looking at opening with a flash forward to a wedding, to Emily’s wedding we just don’t know to who. Well, I know who, but you don’t.

Much like Season 1 began with an engagement party and a death, Season 2 will begin with a wedding and a mystery groom. Also, we have word that the action will move to another fabulous locale.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, ABC president Paul Lee acknowledged that Revenge will likely move away from the Hamptons after season 1. “I don’t want to give anything away about a show that people are on the edge of their seats for, but yes, it is in the cards,” he told TV critics.

Hopefully more tidbits will be dropped as the date for season two’s premiere draws nearer.

Sources: E Online, Wetpaint
  • Anna7030

    The groom will be Daniel, duh!

  • Dweg

    doubt it luv.

  • Fciwbuyfbwgy

    doubt it luv.

  • Penny33

     I think it will be Jack =)

  • Ann

    what if it is Faux Amanda’s wedding with Jack, since she’s already preggs

  • Jessi_is_kinky_4u

    I’m really into this show…its full of twist and turns so I have no idea who to expect for the groom our for that matter the bride …what if its the assistant Ashley and Daniel…I feel like she’s waiting to swoop in for the kill

  • Swt_lknbaybee

    It says it’s flash forward to EMILY’s wedding guys! so it’s either Daniel or Jack but I’m thinking Daniel. 

  • Michael Fallen

    The wedding will be Daniel and Ashley

  • guest

    I think it should be Nolan and Em

  • 46436

    I think this is the real Emily with Jack,they both has a baby so this is logical..
    Think about it,this is make sense..

  • guest

    How the hell could it be Daniel ? Emily and Daniel broke up, remember ? So if it’s Emily’s wedding, I don’t think it would be with Daniel.

  • guest2512

    so do I… it won’t be Daniel or Jack… maybe Nolan and Emily planned something…