Revenge Season 2 Finale Spoilers: A Major Character to Face Death!

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April 12, 2013

Revenge is only two episodes away from the supersize finale titled “Truth”. As far as we know, the finale is going to be Nolan-centric. We can only go so much with the speculations hyping up, but until the credits start rolling we’ll never know for sure the reason why it is centered on Nolan.

However, in a new development I learned from TV Line, creator Mike Kelley has dropped a huge spoiler bomb about the season ender episode. He warns us that by the end of the hour, a major character will bid the Hamptons goodbye for good.

“Our audience will not have to wait to find out the identity of the person that didn’t survive. We will let them know within the two hours. It’ll be a surprise who it is – and it’s certainly a surprise to Emily.”

My inner psychic tells me that Nolan Ross will be a goner. There’s a reason that showrunners helm episodes for a specific character. I hope my prediction serves me right. What’s your theory fellow Revengers?

I’ve collected the images of the major cast, who do you suspect is next on the death list? Hit up the comments for your predictions.


An all new Revenge airs on April 28th with S02E19 “Identity”.

  • Guest

    hoping it will be ashley not nolan

  • Ash

    The death will probably not be Nolan, most shows start to phase a character out and then suddenly bring them back in for the Big Bang. I don’t think David Clarke is dead though, or they sont keep him dead. I’m on episode 17 right now and I thought David was the guy Victoria kissed in the bar and I was literally so shocked I nearly died, and then I found out on the Internet it wasn’t and I was so gutted! It would have been so good!!!

  • sha

    I think that Nolan may be, just may be Victoria’s son and may be he will be gone as part of the family.

  • trish

    It better NOT be Nolan. He is one the best character’s o the show. Without him that show won’t be the show. His character is just so well written and he’s quite frankly my favourite character on the show. I’ll be very disappointed if they kill him off