Revenge Season 2 Episode 13 “Union” Promo

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January 21, 2013

Someone Emily loves will make the ultimate sacrifice for her when Revenge season 2 episode 13 “Union” airs on February 10th.

  • Anna Doe

    It’d better not be Aiden, unless he’s trying to fool the Iniative and will still be seen on screen.

  • Witchy

    It better be Aiden. He is taking screen time away from Nolan. Emily and Nolan where great together in taking revenge we do not need another one. That is 2 timing Emily.

  • meissie_k

    I want aiden to stay.. he’s the best man for emily to be with.. and nolan should man up already and find a way to rid himself from grayson global.. he can’t just roll over and take it like this…

  • kashmir S

    It better NOT be Aiden. Honestly, I hate to see anyone of the cast go. But it better NOT be Aiden or Nolan. Nolan is the best friend Emily’s got, and Aiden and Em are just HOT. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Aiden and Emily work through this.

  • Rosa

    Hope AIDEN will die ! Cause there is NO alchemy between Em’s and him…