Season 2 Episode 10 Power

Revenge Season 2 Episode 10 "Power" Spoilers Roundup

Hey there Revengers! If you can't wait for the official airing of the next episode titled "Power", then I suggest you read this roundup on everything we know so far.

Last time, the show aired season 2 episode 9 titled "Revelations". To recap a few nits and grits, here are the highlights of the episode:

Emily and Aidan continued to spy on the Graysons while they mingle on a shooting party. At the same event, Victoria and Conrad received a phone call from The Initiative woman to send her early holiday threats to their son, Daniel.

Later on, the mission to take down Ashley took center stage. Her incestuous banging with Conrad Grayson was uploaded to Victoria's Windows 8 smartphone. (Do we get a 20% off if we watch the next episode?)

After an emotional speech, Ashley became an instant pawn to Victoria -- using her to become a pro bono escort to creepy old guy, Salvadore. Then off Daniel to their hotel room, bam! Au revoir Ashley!

Elsewhere, the Stowaway storyline of the Porters manage to involve Nolan and his master hacking skills to do some sleuthing on the buff brothers. And, Daniel Grayson received an awfully huge cam clock in his office from The Initiative.

And now to spoil you guys away, here are a bunch of things to know about season 2 episode 10 "Power" -- which airs on Sunday, Jan. 6.

  • On the episode's promos, Victoria and Emily were teased to form a "reluctant alliance". Also, Emily is back on her black hoodie as she locks in her next target. And if you're rooting for a Daniel and Emily reunion, then heads up 'cause this episode certainly alludes a scene where the ex-lovers rekindle their old flame! Below are a couple of promos you can enjoy released by ABC:


  • Secondly, the alliance of Victoria and Emily will indeed, be formed. As the first official sneak peek reveals that the two shared an interesting convo inside the Grayson's manor.


  • But ofcourse, it will be unlikely for Emily to trust Victoria ever. According to the episode guide, "Victoria begins plotting a scheme which, surprisingly, involves Emily". How do you think this trajectory will play in favor of Ems? What could be her contingency plan as she build bridges with Victoria?
  • Elsewhere on the episode, the official guide says that "Declan discovers something that may threaten the future of the Stowaway." To simply connect the dots, here's a photo that could potentially be an outcome of the ominous discovery of Declan. Why did Jack's jaw dropped? Ashley seemed furious on what she's seeing too, while the buff brothers looked pretty composed. Are they seeing a ghost, a corpse or what?

  • Hot & steamy alert! This promotional photo (below) shows Ems and Aidan locked lips while in spy mode ala Mr. and Mrs. Smith! So much for rekindling old flames with Mr. Poetic Daniel Grayson. (Poor Daniel!)

That's about it for now! Hope you were able to catch-up, please keep checking in for more updates. For comments and corrections, share them below.

To get the official promotional photos, follow this link.