‘Revenge’ Likely To Be Renewed For Season 3

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March 9, 2013

1307737251pre-2230075011973345182Could Emily Thorne’s venture for Revenge transcend ABC’s chopping block this year? Find out if Revenge can get a season 3 renewal, check out the facts we’ve rounded-up:

The Sunday 9/8c berth of ABC starring Emily Van Camp as the vindictive Emily Thorne has been performing with mediocre ratings on its current season. After starting out strong during the season 2 premiere, the ABC sudser marked a drastic low in week two — posting a -19% change in ratings with a total of 8.36 million viewers.

Early this season, Revenge has been receiving implausible reviews by TV critics and fans. This was particularly because of the nebulous The Initiative storyline which heightened its involvement around the characters as the season progressed. During its season 2 episode 13 airing, Revenge dipped into a series low, garnering 5.20 million of total viewers and a 1.4 ratings on the 18-49 demo.

However, the ABC drama managed to rebound as week 14 drew 5.99 million viewers (+15% change) and a 1.8 rating in the same demo.

Revenge season 2 has been vacillating from weak to average numbers under the ratings board. If the show can manage to revive their mojo, it may still stand a chance for ‘a sure thing’ renewal. But for now, the show remains under the list of ‘likely to be renewed’.

Do you want Revenge to get a season 3 renewal?

  • emma

    heck yeah for sure this one please

  • http://twitter.com/ean_nae e@n

    Revenge is one of the most well written shows out there. Shame on those whose senses are dulled by all the crap on TVland these days and moan that they can’t follow the deliciously juicy and intricate plotting on Revenge. If you missed Season 1 and need a quick catch-up, watch the special Season 1 recap titled ‘A New Beginning’ narrated engagingly by a fave character, Nolan Ross, before you get onboard the rollercoaster of Season 2. The back half of Season 2 promises to deliver more explosive drama, tears and bodies and Mike Kelley has assured us that the main characters’ agendas will become clear again as Emily refocuses her vendetta against the Graysons. On that note, we will be saying goodbye to the much maligned Initiative who will not be missed! So dear Revengers, old and new, do stay and enjoy the ride – Revenge fully deserves a Season 3 and beyond!

  • Serina

    Most definitely

  • MCastro

    Yes, yes!

  • dlrichards

    Please leave it on. Everything good they take off. I loved park avenue and they cancelled it. Revenge is the best out there. I’m so sick of reality shows it’s so nice to see real actors and a story that has meaning. Thank you ABC and the cast of revenge, I’m hooked.

  • kareen

    I love revenge! Please please make a third season! I cant watch it on cable but i watch it on the internet!

  • Lex

    seriously…if keeping up with the kardashians and all those other crappy tv shows or on, why shouldn’t Revenge?

  • H-C

    Revenge is the best TV show i ever seen of All !!!! Great actors and actresses,well played, just perfect. I desperatly need to watch Season 3 cant wait !!

  • grasun

    i cant wait to watch season three please let it be soon!!!! i love it

  • Lucy DeBeers

    They jumped the shark with the addition of the GHETTO BROTHER! I would bet it will end now after this season…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jweigle John Weigle

    I’m hoping for renewal, too, but it won’t happen if the ratings don’t hold, I fear.

  • Marisa

    the show started out slow this season, but it seems to be back to the Revenge we knew last year. I hope they renew because the show is well written and played out.

  • Jen

    Yes please give us season 3

  • charlene

    we need a season 3 of revenge

  • Angel

    I loved Season 1. The initiative story line does nothing for me. Can’t relate and it’s not believable. I ask myself why did I just waste an hour of my time … The writing on season 1 was awesome. The show needs writers to up their game. Except for the writing I love the show but will not watch if the writing issue continues.

  • Meghan

    revenge is amazing; well thought, well written, and very well played. The twists and turns are riveting and the story line is enthralling. Writing a season three two this already spectacular show is a must.

  • Keep!

    PLEASE THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SHOW I HONESTLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IF THIS GOES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! i can not watch anything else other than this, this is the most amazing show ever! its different to all other shows its just too good to end and there is still alot more to come !!!!!!! PLEASE !

  • anastacia

    I LOVE Revenge, I found it on Netflix and fell in love with it, haha. And now that Season 2 has came out I’ve watched Episode 1 to 16 on HuluPlus! I am addicted to this show and all of it’s juicy details and amazing actors, fav’s being Emily Thorne, Nolan Ross, and Aidan! If Season 3 turns out a ‘no go’ I will no doubt lose my head over it, and probably more. I will support that show till all the answers are found and Emily’s vengeance is served to the Grayson’s and the Initiative, and anyone else she deems worthy pay-back. Plus I haven’t figured out whats happened with Padema yet!! We all need answers…

  • Guest


  • 88

    Sure we want! This show is amazin’

  • Sandra

    Love Revenge, hope there will be a 3rd season!

  • Kingfork117

    Yes, please. Love this show. A must watch, must keep.

  • Nina

    LOVE this series …. have have to be s03 …story getting interesting by day …love how it starts by the end and recapture the story .

  • http://www.facebook.com/charlotte.hall.927 Charlotte Hall

    i watched season 1 and nearly all of 2 in 3 days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats how gripping it is…..please dont get rid….WE WANT MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Revenge addict

    Love revenge! I can’t believe they are even considering not renewing the show!! I will be so disappointed and I know a lot more people who watch it that would be too if they do not renew!

  • Billie

    I love Revenge, please bring it back for a third season, thank you!

  • ReneeNae

    Revenge gives me a slice of the realm of my favorite story, The Count of Monte Cristo, each week with an updated setting and a strong female protagonist, which satisfies the feminist in me. I wish more people knew about the compelling storyline and complex characters and development that we continue to see in each episode of Revenge. Not many dramas manage to balance cerebral philosophy with scandalous drama and tension; Revenge accomplishes all this and so much more. I know many who will be heartbroken if it does not return for a thrid season. It is the best drama if not the best all-around show to come along in years.

  • Revenge!

    Revenge is one of the best dramas I have ever watched!

    The storyline is amazing and they do not make it like those cliches dramas. It sometimes has it focused around our daily lives at times.

    I would definitely love to see a third season~

  • Rob

    Yes, I love it …from Australia

  • http://www.facebook.com/littlemisshypo Rachael Bakker

    Love revenge and would love there to be a season 3 ?

  • Fredo

    No. Season 3 – complete madness. There no normal writers. No acting. No adequate shouranner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeanette.lyngesen Jeanette Lyngesen

    please please i LOVE revenge want to have more so yes atleast season 3 plz ;o) this is great one…want to have them all on dvd hate when abc doing this….i loved pan am 2 but its stops at the 1 one…..want to have a ending in revenge u can do it u know u want to abc ;o)

  • C

    yes please bring it back i love the show

  • Trisha2 1

    It must come back, best thing on UK tv, we have to know what happens to everyone in Emilys revenge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanya.perrin1 Tanya Perrin

    It’s getting boring! Let David Clarkes truth come out and then turn focus on something else! Watched hours and hours of this and still nothing has changed from the main plot BORED!

  • Rad23

    If they renew it I hope they will keep to the point and stop dragging things in and out. It started not making sense at all and became kind of cheesy. Let the woman get her revenge and move on!

  • Tassy

    OMG nahh Revenge shld b renewed….its jst starting to get so good. Seasons 1 and 2 were well written and I’m anxious to know what Season 3 would have in store, so I really hope they renew the show. This is one show that should not be stopped on ABC.

  • Diego Tajes

    Revenge season 1 was a pinch better, but it’s surely on my ‘likely to be renewed’ list!!!

  • Steven Jay

    Please do renew Revenge for season 3. It is one of the best television show out there. Love how the story builds up, and all the women. I am guy, i never watch abc programs, but even my roommates at college watch em. We all do on a big screen

  • roxanne


  • Elaine Chard

    Please please please do season 3 !!!!!

  • Anonymously

    I seriously want Revenge to be renewed! Not just because of Josh Bowman but the story itself… I give credit to the writers, The Initiative is a major plot twist. I’m looking forward on knowing more of the group and will Emily get her rightful Revenge



  • Eva81

    Revenge is one of the best tv shows I have ever watched.Revenge deserves a season 3…and 4…etc…

  • marita

    yes yes yes yes yes pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllease with a cherry on top

  • Naz

    This is a great show. I bought both seasons and watch it on my laptop no matter what country I’m in. I hope the show continues…

  • Isnah Irani

    yes…..please! It is the only TV show that I use to watch.

  • humayra

    Yes…Definitely it should come up! I love that TV show and it’s the only one that I use to watch. Please, carry on with season 3!

  • Juanita

    Love revenge, please renew!!!!!! Cant wait for season 3!!!!!

  • Wordt

    Yes pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.kubiszewski Sharon Kubiszewski

    i think it should be renewed.i love the show

  • Cathy Perez

    I totally agree with a comment from earlier. The Kardiahian’s B.S. reality show can be renewed for another season for $34,000, 000 then WHY can’t a great sudser like REVENGE be renewed?? PLEEEZE RENEW REVENGE! PLEEZE!

  • Kmetras

    Yes please! I just started watching revenge. I actually purchased Hulu so I could catch up:) I can’t wait for season 3 and 2 isn’t even finished yet!!

  • LB

    Please renew !!!! It is my absolute favorite show on TV, but since I am on a budget and can not afford a DVR, I also watch it on the internet!!!

  • j.t.

    yes,need another season,really good show,i love revenge.

  • Monkey_Bach

    Not enough sex, nudity, or homosexuality.

  • Laura

    Yes!!! Please renew! This show is excting and dramatic and certainty one of the best shows around.

  • Vivian

    Even my husband loves “Revenge”. What a great, roller coaster of a show! Please renew!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amanda.j.ragan Amanda Jane Ragan

    Yes!! The powers that be who count the numbers for the tv ratings really need to get with the times and figure out a way to count those who watch online via hulu ect, ; video on demand, dvr, or some other form of watching…so many of the good shows are getting cancelled due to the fact that people have busy lives!

  • Lois jenken

    Love the shiw and cant wait until season 3 begins again

  • http://www.facebook.com/taniayrigo.sanchez Tania G Sanchez

    Yes I love revenge I got Hulu just too keep track I got a few friends and sister hooked on it too I want season 3 Victoria’s son and now that jack knows about Emily being Amanda Clark pls pls season 3 sooon

  • Kiersten

    KEEP REVENGE!!!! Best show ever! I watch every episode and I will continue to watch!

  • amaryl

    i love revenge it must stay on ABC all good shows get canceld i hate that

  • Tracy Barnett

    I Liked Revenge. I would like it even more if there was a season 3. Please let there be a Season 3.

  • Rach

    Revenge is the best show out there!!! THERE NEEDS TO BE A SEASON 3!

  • R

    then don’t watch it if u dont like it! there are many people who love it and enjoy it! u dumb!

  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.m.rosa.3 Teresa Marie Rosa

    Please bring it back for another season, it cannot end like this, please. I sometimes cannot catch on Sunday, when it aires but I always catch it Monday on my ipad app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessieebabbiee33 Jessica Murphy

    Revenge is one of the most best tv shows that has ever came out. Please at least have 2-3 more episodes to let us know jacks reaction at the end of the 22nd episode. PLEASE!

  • Suzie Musick

    Please make a third season.

  • Suzie Musick

    Me, my boyfriend, my family and friends all watch it on Hulu. There are a lot of people who watch it on Netflix and Hulu after it airs, that doesn’t mean that people are not watching it!!

  • nicole vickers

    Yes! Please keep Revenge on the air, this show has given me a renewed sense of hope for real television drama. The show is smart, bold, compelling and poignant. I appreciate that the storyline illuminates the truth of how the wealthy and powerful act without impunity, political and corporate corruption reigns free through maneuvering and fear profiteering. The finale was fabulous and look forward to seeing season 3!

  • Megan

    I love Revenge, but I really think the story should have been structured differently than 24 episode per season TV show. It should have been a 10 (give or take) episode mini-series, in my opinion at least. Once the focus on David Clarke started to disappear during season 2, the whole plot kind of started to fall apart and get far fetched. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love this show, but it would have been so much more effective if Emily avenged her father and took down the Grayson’s swiftly. Now everyone’s worrying about the Initiative and the Grayson’s are still assholes and the whole focus now seems to be on saving the world from the Initiative and not so much on Emily’s father -which is a real bummer, because he was the driving force behind Emily’s actions and the only real believable motive she had.

  • Megan

    I completely agree! The need to continue shows for several seasons are ruining perfectly good story lines. Emily needed to avenge her father and the show needed to END there. She hasn’t gotten revenge at all, and is it just me, or does like NOBODY give her father a passing thought anymore? He was her main motivation! The focus on the Initiative is complete bullshit.

  • Sarah M

    seasons one was awesome, and we need season three because we have to see what happens not that she revealed herself but season tow SUCKED it was wayyy too far fetched, more like a soap then a nighttime, it was too complicated too much drama too fast not enough space in between dramatic events almost like the show 24 just ridiculous,

    having Amanda fall off the balcony was stupid why not have let her die then, the writing was very poor, too much drama for my taste, and it did a lot of damage Nolands once powerful position which why take a beloved character and destroy him like that makes no sense to me and this initiative and three way love triangle just complicated things.

    Oh and really come on, how do people just so easily walk in and out of Grayson Manor ? I mean hello, Victoria is always making comments about this too towards Emily, such rich people and you can easily get in and out of their home?. I am not rich, but when I tell someone they are no longer welcomed in my home, guess what? They do not get in!!!!! And Jack at the very end even walks right into their house, right into Conrad’s office and gets the gun, Really?

    I think this was the most stupidest season, it was hard to watch and I am only watching to see her reveal her true identity the rest of my family gave up on it like at the third episode. And all the hype on Emily’s mother and then nothing really every came of anything, she just sent her away and that’s it? How stupid!! Very bad writing, needs to be more realistic and back to the focus on Emily’s revenge not all this shit about the Initiative, this is not the show Lost, bring the focus back on the characters not these wild conspiracy themes and plots, its too outrageous. Oh and Get the Grayson’s some security for crying out loud!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mariana.castro.754365 Mariana Castro

    Yes, yes, yes!

  • Simonida Jokic

    Tthere should be a third season and I don’t know why are we discussing that. So many things are left unsaid and undone. This is a great show, perfect and cant wait for the new season. Everything fits perfectly, the story, the actors, the dressing… everything, everything. There hasn’t been a better show for a long time. I am ready for the new season and for the story to go on. Love all the people that make the show what it is. Greets from Serbia :)

  • Anna Loberto

    Yes for sure Love Revenge

  • JP

    YES YES YES YES! make a season 3… u cant just leave us hanging

  • Dee

    Absolutely want to see a season 3. It is nice to be able to watch something that makes. You think and acting that makes you hate or love them. Love revenge!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nadyar1 Nadya Rasjidgandha

    Revenge brings something new to tv. It’s not one of those typical tv dramas about high school love life or a CIA agent saving the day. It’s different, it’s creative and it’s engaging. What I love most about this show is how much suspense it creates which a lot of other shows are unable to do. The show makes you THINK so that you understand what the hell is going on which is what I enjoy. It’s sad that the ratings for the show is not as high as preferred – it’s sad that there are people out there who may not be aware of the show or are not as into this show as I am and as everyone else who commented on this page are. I think that revenge deserves better ratings and I find no reason for you guys to lose hope just because ratings are not as high as they’re supposed to be. You have tons of fans out there and I suggest you continue producing more of this remarkable work to impress us all. I think all you need i time to get your rates and viewers up. So please.. please.. don’t leave us hanging at season 2. We want to watch many many more of the seasons to come. (I’m quite a workaholic so the fact that I actually take time off my assignments to watch this show, says a lot) I WANT SEASON 3!!!