‘Revenge’ Likely To Be Renewed For Season 3

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March 9, 2013

1307737251pre-2230075011973345182Could Emily Thorne’s venture for Revenge transcend ABC’s chopping block this year? Find out if Revenge can get a season 3 renewal, check out the facts we’ve rounded-up:

The Sunday 9/8c berth of ABC starring Emily Van Camp as the vindictive Emily Thorne has been performing with mediocre ratings on its current season. After starting out strong during the season 2 premiere, the ABC sudser marked a drastic low in week two — posting a -19% change in ratings with a total of 8.36 million viewers.

Early this season, Revenge has been receiving implausible reviews by TV critics and fans. This was particularly because of the nebulous The Initiative storyline which heightened its involvement around the characters as the season progressed. During its season 2 episode 13 airing, Revenge dipped into a series low, garnering 5.20 million of total viewers and a 1.4 ratings on the 18-49 demo.

However, the ABC drama managed to rebound as week 14 drew 5.99 million viewers (+15% change) and a 1.8 rating in the same demo.

Revenge season 2 has been vacillating from weak to average numbers under the ratings board. If the show can manage to revive their mojo, it may still stand a chance for ‘a sure thing’ renewal. But for now, the show remains under the list of ‘likely to be renewed’.

Do you want Revenge to get a season 3 renewal?

  • QueenB

    they better renew it , i mean this show is better written , has more believable actors and is more original than any other show out there.. And the season finale had me on my feet …. I cannot wait for season 3

  • Violet

    Keep it up! I’ll die if Nolan is just stuck like that!

  • Fatima Escaliante

    I don’t bielive this! I love Revenge! I live in Brazil and I watch it on the internet or channel sony. Please please make a third season! Revenge is great and Emily Van Camp is wonderful!

  • For directors

    revenge is the best show that abc has shown, so please directors RENEW THE THIRD SEASON IF YOU WANT MONEY FOR YOUR SHOW YOU NEED TO GET UP WITH TJIS MESSAGE :)

  • Lynn

    Yes, this is one of my favorite shows. Can’t wait for season 3 to start. I don’t have time to watch it on TV but I do watch it online.

  • lee

    yes yes yesssss revenge season 3

  • aimily team

    if revenge not get renewed, SOMEONE HAS TO PAY…..

  • lns

    PLEASE MAKE SEASON 3!!! ‘Revenge’ is the most compelling show I have ever watched!

  • Taisa

    YES PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE! With a big FAT PASSION! Its the first show ever that I keep up with ..!

  • crisy

    Revenge is the best tv drama I’ve watched, brilliant story line & actors. Please continue to air the show, it beats all these stupid live tv shows.

  • CC

    I love this show. It is addicting. So addicting that I watched the whole 1st season in 2 days and I watched the whole 2nd season in 5 days….this show needs to keep going. I need to know what happens next!

  • Charles Cleland D Deeds

    i love this show..speaking for my wife of course….

  • Haven

    revenge is my life. i never miss a episode. I need revenge in my life i don’t know what i would do without it. Its amazballs :)

  • Noniemae

    Just renew for a 3rd season since it is the only weekly show I am sure to watch. Nothing else seems to hold my interest like this show does. I just can’t wait from week to week to see what will happen next. It is one of the best shows for a very long time. Keep it on PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Menormie

    If you want to cancel a show why not cancel several of the reality shows. What a waste in TV viewing. Revenge is one of the best shows on and should be renewed for a 3rd season. I have bought season 1 and just ordered season 2 and would like to order season 3 in the near future. I just love this show and hope you will keep it on and make a lot of people very happy, including ME!!!

  • Brian H.

    Yes yes yes!!! I’m begging you to bring on season 3, my husband and I simply cant get enough of Revenge.

  • tina

    best t.v show .. waiting for season 3