Revenge: More Murder Spoilers

Revenge: More Murder Spoilers

This settles it: Daniel is NOT going to die on Revenge. How do we know? Because executive producer, Mike Kelley, says that we'll be satisfied with the revelation of the victim in Episode 15, "Chaos". And I, for one, will not be satisfied if it turns out to be sweet and oh so naive Daniel.

In Kelley's words:

“I’m hoping for satisfaction, and I think that there will be some gasps, some ‘I told you so.’”

Kelley also shares that the action will not move to the city as the drama unfolds:

“For a lot of reasons, our key players will be staying in the Hamptons in the off season,” Kelley assures.

Sounds good to me. Let's stay in the Hamptons all year long !

Source: EW