Is Jack a Creeper on Revenge?

Is Jack a Creeper on Revenge?

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Emily and Jack seemed fated to be together on Revenge, but then Daniel swooped in and won her heart - or at least, he thinks he has. Little does Daniel know that Emily may only be with him to forward her vengeful plot against his family, the Graysons. That said, Josh Bowman, like his character Daniel, reveals in the following spoilers that he does not believe Emily and Jack belong together.

According to Josh Bowman, no. But, my guess is that he’s a little biased (read: very biased — and adorably sarcastic). “Jack is a little creepy, but that’s Jack — a bit of a creeper,” he jokes. “I am about to propose to Emily, but what happens after that is [a secret].”

Do you agree with Josh? Are Emily and Jack fated, or is he just too creepy?

Source: EW

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