Revenge Finale Spoilers: Jack or Daniel ?

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May 21, 2012

Having to choose between two great guys is not all it’s cracked up to be, but that’s where Emily finds herself on the season finale of Revenge. While she may not make a FINAL choice, we’ll know what way she’s leaning.

“There’s a lot more clarity as to who she feels for, and what her intentions are.”

Are you Team Jack or Team Daniel?

Source: TV Line

  • Anonymous

    Team Daniel.  If a handsome and more charismatic actor was casted for Jack – would have chosen Jack. 

  • puffmama

    Team Jack.

  • paige.otradovec

    Team Jack…

  • Jaime Lynn

    Team Jack

  • Kaye

    Team Jack all the way!!!

  • Summa3145

    Does anyone realize that Emily and Daniel are half siblings in the drama? Of course she should be with jack!

  • Zakia Dostizada

    1st ever tv show where i Wished that she end up wif both which isnt possible buh u get wat i mean!! i think i would be more happy if she ends up wif Daniel and i would def want Daniel to take revenge on Amanda AKA emily once he founds out bout her!