Season 1 Episode 5 Guilt

Revenge Spoilers: Episode 5 & Love Triangle

Revenge Spoilers: Episode 5 & Love Triangle

Keep reading for spoilers on next week's game-changing fifth episode of Revenge, titled 'Guilt' and some guest-star news (courtesy of AOL).

Spoilers on fifth episode, titled 'Guilt':

  • In the episodes to come, the show is going to have less of a procedural quality. If she were to take someone down every week, there would be no one left. We're going to start to see all of that come Episode 5, which takes twisted and dark to a whole other level. That's when you see that the groundwork is being laid, and you really see her commitment to, for instance, her relationship with Daniel, and how far she's willing to go to be with him to infiltrate the Grayson family.
  • It becomes more about the relationships between these people rather than just taking down these smaller players.

Emily's relationship with Daniel:

  • She's definitely going to start to struggle with whether or not she has feelings for him, whether she's taking this too far with him ... the lines are really going to blur between what she truly feels for him and how much she's using him. She'll struggle with that, and also with the relationship with Jack. It's going to be a constant struggle for her.
  • Emily's going to find a lot more comfort than she expected in Daniel as well. They are much more similar than she thought. They're both sort of imprisoned in this horrible cell that is Victoria's world, so they share that. She's going to find it more and more difficult to keep all of this from him and use him in this way.

More spoilers on CCH Pounder as the detention-center warden:

  • Those flashbacks are insane. People are going to see a totally different side to the real Amanda Clarke. There are a few new characters that are really going to surprise people.
  • Margarita Levieva is coming onto the show. Apparently "she's killing it".