Season 1 Episode 16 Scandal

Revenge Episode 16 "Scandal" Guide

Revenge Episode 16 "Scandal" Guide

What's the latest scandal on Revenge? Murder. Check out the following spoilers on Episode 16, "Scandal", which will air on February 29, 2012.

  • The murder scandal at the Fire & Ice party rocks the Hamptons
  • Someone has to take the fall
  • The devastating turn of events call for desperate measures
  • The Graysons form a united front
  • Emily grows more anxious
  • Ashley steps up for the family
  • Jack is not the only one wondering where Amanda has gone

Who do you think will take the fall for the murder? My guess is that Jack will take the fall, while the true killer is Amanda. She's unhinged, and she's in love with Emily, and Jack is in love with her. And I still refuse to believe that Daniel is the victim.

Source: ABC