Season 1 Episode 15 Chaos

Revenge Episode 15 "Chaos" Guide

Revenge Episode 15 "Chaos" Guide

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Although it's time to celebrate the engagement of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson with a spectacularly themed Fire & Ice party, it's also time for Revenge, which means danger and desperate measures. Episode 15, "Chaos", will air on February 15, 2011. Spoilers to follow:

  • At Emily & Daniel's engagement party, her vendetta takes an unexpected turn
  • Those Emily loves and hates are placed in imminent mortal danger
  • Jack resolves to find Amanda
  • Charlotte takes desperate measures to soothe the pain of her family's betrayal
  • Ashton Holmes and Margarita Levieva are both listed as guest cast, suggesting that Tyler and Amanda will be back for the party.

What desperate measures do you think Charlotte will take? And how much do you want to bet that Amanda shoots Daniel... and Jack is the one to take the blame?

Source: ABC