Season 1 Episode 14 Perception

Revenge Episode 14 "Perception" Photos

Revenge Episode 14 "Perception" Photos

The promotional photos for Revenge's 14th episode reveal these juicy (and couple-y) spoilers:

  • There will be dancing. Lots of dancing.
  • Victoria, dressed like a grape, will get VERY chummy with her father-in-law (like father, like son?).
  • Emily will overhear some potentially world-rocking info.
  • Declan and Charlotte will continue to fight against the odds.
  • Emily will wear high, high shoes making Daniel look like her short cousin.
  • Last but certainly not least - hunky recuperating Jack will find the tape left under his bed!

Which couple in Perception are you most interested in? Victoria and Grandpa Grayson? Daniel and Emily? Declan and Charlotte? Or Jack and The Tape?

Photo Source: ABC