‘Revenge’ Episode 1 “Pilot” Sneak Peek

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August 29, 2011

Besides promo trailer, we now also have the first sneak peek into Revenge – new TV series coming this fall on ABC.

  • Staceyandsue

    Probably be cancelled after 1 series, like Flash Forward, The Event, V, etc etc etc, not investing time in it , just to be really dissapointed when they ditch it.

  • Mudendasikalundu

    ya its really depressin to invest time in a show and then have it cancelled.they shld spend money onb shows that already exist and improve them than create new one which neva last

  • http://twitter.com/PokerProSky Skyler Dyck

    This show will be cancelled very quickly sadly, it will be suprising if it actually airs the entire season.  The story is atrocious and you already know an ending and there isn’t enough interest to understand how they get there.  Shame im guessin 6 episodes before axed its really awful

  • Nin

    Are you guys on crack?! This show is amazing! I am so addicted! Please don’t stop airing it!