Revenge's Declan & Charlotte Reveal Spoilers

Revenge's Declan & Charlotte Reveal Spoilers

TV has to power to move us all in strange ways... even if you're someone actually IN the show. Connor Paolo (who portrays Declan Porter) reacted violently upon the revelation of the character doomed to death on Revenge.

"We all read it for the first time in a read-through sitting around a table," Paolo tells us. "And when I found out I picked up a chair and threw it through a window. We were excited."

That's putting it mildly. Luckily, Paolo and Christa B. Allen (Charlotte Grayson) did not leave it at that, but shared a few more spoilers about the upcoming episodes.

  • A few of the actors figured out the killer/kill-ee before receiving the script (That means you can, too!)
  • Not everything will be revealed immediately. We'll find out the victim first.
  • Winter is coming... Revenge is going to turn very cold, very real, very dark and very dangerous (it's not already?)
  • Charlotte will find out that Conrad Grayson is not her biological father. In fact, she'll have a bit of a breakdown.
  • This means that Declan & Charlotte's lovey-dovey relationship will hit a rough road.


For the full interview with Connor Paolo and Christa B. Allen, check out eonline.