Charlotte & Declan Get Dirty on Revenge

Charlotte & Declan Get Dirty on Revenge

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Up til now, Revenge's favorite high-school couple have been consumed with fighting against the class differences that seek to tear them apart. But that doesn't mean that they'll never get their hands dirty and join the plot to bring down the Graysons, especially now that Emily knows Charlotte is actually her half-sister, and therefore a Clarke. Christa B. Allen and Connor Paolo share these spoilers on their vengeful future:

"I think Charlotte and Declan could get their hands dirty at some point if we were recruited," Allen tells us. For now though, the couple will be keeping their hands clean. "Only so many people can be involved in this scheme without it being crazy," Paolo explains. "You can't have six people all trying to bring down the Graysons. I want to see them find their own line of things."

What line of things do you think the madcap pair should find?

Source: Watch With Kristen

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