Biggest WTF Moments from Revenge Season 2

Biggest WTF Moments from Revenge Season 2

So far, the second season of Revenge has been satisfactory. Though the ratings didn't quite say the same, there have been multiple character developments and shocking revelations that had been uncovered.

Here are the highlights and best WTF moments we've talked about all season-long, check them out:

 Meeting the not-so-fierce-as-Emily, Kara Wallace. 11122012-40819-PM-303758895435612915

Looking back, we met Kara -- Emily's mom who is by far ten times crazier and creepier than Victoria Grayson. A little dufus too if I might add, I mean, how can she have believed that Fauxmanda was her real daughter? She didn't even have curly locks when she was younger!

Another evidence that she's a loony?

When the time arrived that she actually has the Graysons (Victoria and Conrad) under her tyranny at gunpoint. I mean these are the people that she knew ruined their lives. Though I get that at that time, it will be too early to kill them both off but Kara could've at least given Victoria an amputated limb or something. She's too good-looking for a nemesis anyway. But then since Aiden arrived to the scene as a pretend-FBI, all the heated flames went off and she just got back to her old boring, Fauxmanda-who-now-wore-permanent-perm-is-my-real-daughter life. (Seriously, not even the benefit of a doubt?)


Amanda's plunge (literally) inside the Grayson's during her baby

Oh no, she didn't! Yea, who could forget about that huge fall of Fauxmanda + unborn Carl from the second balcony of the Graysons? That epic fall which put her into coma was like the showrunner's attempt to apply dark humor within the show's confinement. Heck, it would have been funnier if she grabbed Victoria's hand and they fell together. Unfortunately, it was no good riddance for wicked V. after the accident. Amanda survived the coma and so does baby Carl.


11262012-95915-AM-3091304310496253495What happened to Victoria? 

Meanwhile.. Victoria's disconcerting teenage years flashed back! Plus a bonus preview on her mother's other brand of sinister. In episode 8 "Lineage", Victoria gave us a snippet from her own life story recalled in an episode of Law and Order: SVU as an abused young woman.




revenge-season-2-episode-15-recapJack Porter and Amanda Clarke Nuptial and Fatal Titanic-esque Honeymoon.

Need I say more? Indubitably, one of the abysmal love stories I've ever seen unfold is found in Revenge and its poor victims are Jack and Amanda.



Emily's version of 'The Fosters' came to light!


Emily's foster bro, Eli, made his appearance in the Hamptons as a conman. When he finds out about Emily's true identity, he uses her money to co-chair one of Victoria's charity. What is it with these foster kids and their deceptive skills?





MV5BMTM2NTEwNzM5Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzgzNDUyOQ@@._V1._SX426_SY640_Victoria has more secrets..  

A teenage baby momma?

The queen has more to reveal -- Daniel Grayson is not her first born!

In "Masquerade", Mrs. Grayson played hide-and-seek with her long, lost son who have contacted her through an obsolete mail. To her dismay, she never get ahold of him.  For whatever it's worth, I'm dying to meet this new ominous character.



SIDE NOTES | Some other Revenge-y buzz-maker

1. Nolan's big reveal as a bisexual, and his kiss with Tyler!
2. Porters vs. Ryans feud
3. Daniel Grayson caught Ashley in-action with an old man inside a hotel room, EPIC!

What's your favorite WTF moment in Revenge season 2? Share them below!