Revenge Actor Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) Tells Fans To Expect the Unexpected on Season 2!

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September 29, 2012

Actor Gabriel Mann who plays the role of a wealthy acolyte of Emily Thorne on ABC’s Revenge talked to TV Fanatic where he gave fans an inside perception from his character as Nolan Ross. Read the following spoilery statements the actor spilled and find out why we should gear up for Revenge season 2!

  • “For the first time, Nolan has competition for that prized position in Emily’s life, which drives a wedge between them,” he said. “However, based on some of the events that play out involving the [new characters], the changing circumstances ultimately may bring them back together as well.”
  • “We’re going to find early on that Nolan, a billionaire whose company is bigger than Grayson Global, perhaps hasn’t been paying as much attention to his company as he should have.”
  • “His fatal flaw has always been his need for love and attention, to the point where he’ll put himself in harm’s way … I think we’re going to explore the wide-ranging consequences of that.”
  • “This is a guy who has now kidnapped, tortured, and ruined people’s lives, but also was involved for the first time in something that made him feel alive … there’s no way that won’t change a person.”

Source: TV Fanatic