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Season 2 Episode 12

Steal Away

Air Date: 01/18/2015

Bellamy fears for the safety of Rachael and her unborn child...

Season 2 Episode 11

True Believer

Air Date: 01/11/2015

The return of Preacher James brings an ominous new energy to the town...

Season 2 Episode 10


Air Date: 01/04/2014

A violent storm hits Arcadia...

Season 2 Episode 9


Air Date: 12/07/2014

Arcadians mourn the loss of a beloved member of the community...

Season 2 Episode 8


Air Date: 11/30/2014

Pastor Tom’s new church is becoming a refuge for the Returned...

Season 2 Episode 7


Air Date: 11/09/2014

Rachel refuses treatment for the virus...

Season 2 Episode 6


Air Date: 11/02/2014

Bellamy turns to an unexpected source...

Season 2 Episode 5


Air Date: 10/26/2014

Margaret proves she’s a force to be reckoned with just as another force sweeps through town in the form of a mysterious virus....

Season 2 Episode 4

Old Scars

Air Date: 10/19/2014

Margaret convinces Lucille to host a dinner to celebrate Jacob’s return, but unexpected guests strain relations in the Langston family to the breaking point....

Season 2 Episode 3


Air Date: 10/12/2014

Some old remains could shed some new light on the returned....

Season 2 Episode 2


Air Date: 10/05/2014

Bellamy and Sheriff Fred fear that Caleb may have returned...

Season 2 Episode 1


Air Date: 09/28/2014

Bellamy awakens alone and abandoned at Arcadia's outskirts...

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