'Reign' @ TCA Scoop: "It's Not History Channel, It's Entertainment"


Want to know what to expect on the upcoming period drama of the CW titled Reign? Already handled!

The cast and creator of the series gathered with reporters at the recent TCA press tour to answer the slew of questions relating to history and dramatic plots viewers can look forward to on the Oct. 17 premiere.

Here's what we've rounded up for you, future Reign fans:

1. Don't expect for a History Channel docu-type series, explains Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary.

"It's also TV, so you can take creative license. It's entertainment, it's not the History Channel."

2. Kane did her homework to study the real-life Mary, Queen of Scots.

"I actually did a lot of research about Mary. I wanted to get to know her as a woman and as a person, and not just a dry historical figure," Kane said. "She was really a remarkable woman. There is a little bit of literature out there about her personality. she was very witty, charming -- a very, very intelligent woman. She spoke six languages, she played two different instruments she rode, she hunted ... she danced, she played golf."

3. Every episode of Reign promises to educate viewers. Executive producer Laurie McCarthy weighs-in:

"I do think that each episode will educate people on what element of history helps our story, and there is a certain amount of latitude in terms of dramatizing events,"

Source: The Wrap

Watch the official trailer of Reign below: