Reign Spoilers: Mary Chose Francis! What's Ahead for Frary?

Reign Spoilers: Mary Chose Francis! What's Ahead for <em>Frary?</em>

reignCongrats Frary shippers, Mary had chosen her first love! But as we already know, it will not be a happily-ever-after kind of marriage.

Atleast that's what Nostradamus had foreseen. But at this point, who cares? Even though Clarissa's corpse is a goner, we can still believe that she IS already totes-dead, riight?! Yep, I'm delusional.

Seriously speaking, if she is alive, then there's still a chance for Mary and Bash. But let's not go there yet, fandom. Let's give the newly weds some time to revel, shall we?

TV Line has shared some juicy spoilers abound, read on for the latest below:

Frary will remain in tact for the foreseeable future, as Bash is going to find himself preoccupied with other — far darker — problems. But that doesn’t mean Francis’ fling with Lola won’t come back to bite him. As you’ll see in Thursday’s episode, Lola is still very much hung up on Mary’s new husband. The question is: Will she act on her feelings?

Do you think the prophecy will come true? Weigh-in below.