Reign Spoilers: King Henry’s Ladies & His Relationship w/ Francis Previewed

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November 5, 2013

reign king henryExec. producer Laurie McCarthy spoke with E! Online in a report to give fans a tease on what’s abound for Alan Van Sprang‘s King Henry on new period drama, Reign.

Read the spoilers below:

When it comes to his three ladies, fans can expect to see him commit to each even further, so tons more drama is coming.

But his relationship with Francis will be even more complicated as executive producer Laurie McCarthy explains, “There’s a line that he has later, where the king says he has realized that the best gift he can give his son is his death. It’s a gift don’t necessarily want to give, so they have a very layered and intense relationship and it seems as though the king is disdainful of Francis and he’s not. But he sees him as his usurper, just by nature of the line of succession.”

‘Reign’ airs every Thursday at 9PM on the CW.

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    I love the king on reign….very sexy!