Spoilers Guide 2013 Pilot Watch: Showtime's Ray Donovan Description, Posters and Cast Photos

Spoilers Guide 2013 Pilot Watch: Showtime's <em>Ray Donovan</em> Description, Posters and Cast Photos

Hi Spoilers Guide reader, welcome to our official pilot watch for 2013! This article is basically your guide from the several new shows that will premiere this year and so on. We totally understand how much of a hassle it is to keep track!

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TV show title and premiere date | Ray Donovan (Showtime), June 30 at 10pm

What is Ray Donovan all about? 1002742_1_0_prm-rayprimary_1024x640

The show follows the life of an LA fixer named Ray Donovan. Ray is known as the go-to-guy in Hollywood wherein he caters his services to celebrities, athletes and business moguls. His primary job is to make his clients happy by taking them out of difficult situations by making their problems disappear.

However, the real drama sets-in when his father is unexpectedly released from prison, setting off Ray to an even more complicated life as he has to confront his hatred against his father.

What is the genre/format of the show?


Who are the lead cast in this series?

Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Liev Schreiber portrays the titular role of Ray Donovan. Jon Voight aka Angelina Jolie's father, also stars as Mickey Donovan -- Ray's father.

Other major cast includes: Paula Malcomson (Private Practice) as Abby Donovan and Pooch Hall (Suits) as Daryll.

What about the setting, does Ray work in an office like NY fixer, Harvey Specter from Suits?

For starters, Ray is NOT a lawyer. Basically, as seen from the trailer, the setting is more situational. You should see the protagonist jumping from one scene to another following the location of his clients -- whether they're on a party, hotel room, etc.

From his personal life, on the contrary, a domestic setting is also to be expected.

How many episodes will this series run on the first season?

Showtime has ordered 12 episodes and each episode should run for 60 minutes.

I'm already feeling the vibe! Are there photos, trailer and whatnot I can check out?

Showtime has released the full cast photos via the Ray Donovan homepage, a trailer, plus a couple of promotional posters! Go see them below.



What do you think, will you give 'Ray Donovan' a shot?