Ravenswood Spoilers: Will There Be a Miranda-Hanna Feud?

Ravenswood Spoilers: Will There Be a Miranda-Hanna Feud?


You might have heard the spoiler that Ashley Benson's Hanna Marin will be coming to Ravenswood in episode 5. So, what is she going to think about Caleb's connection with and relationship to Miranda - and will Caleb and Miranda's friendship ever turn into something more?

Show creator, Marlene King responds to just that question in a recent spoiler scoop by Entertainment Weekly.

There’s nothing set in stone that says that anybody has to be in a relationship with anyone else,” reports Marlene King. “I think as we’re getting to know the characters; they’re leading the way as to where we go with these relationships. ... One thing you probably won’t see, though, she says? A Miranda-Hanna feud. “We try not to do that on PLL and we’ll try not to do that on Ravenswood — we like girls to support girls,” she says. “It’s sort of the cardinal rule — no PLL ever touches another PLL boyfriend, or girlfriend, in Emily’s case.”

So as far as we know, Hanna and Nicole Gale Anderson's Miranda will continue to be on friendly terms when Hanna reunites with Caleb in Ravenswood. What do you think will happen with Caleb, Hanna, and Miranda's characters as the show progresses?