Ravenswood Spoilers: The Tone is a Lot Darker and Scarier, and Tyler Blackburn on Leaving Rosewood

Ravenswood Spoilers: The Tone is a Lot Darker and Scarier, and Tyler Blackburn on Leaving Rosewood


E! Online got the scoop on Pretty Little Liars' spin-off series, Ravenswood from PLL executive producer, Marlene King and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers), who will transition from Pretty Little Liars to Ravenswood in this year's upcoming PLL Halloween special.

Blackburn will be seen traveling in the Halloween hour to the new town where he'll be joined by Brett Dier (L.A. Complex) and former model Whitson [Merritt Patterson], who play twins Abel and Olivia, respectively. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tyler revealed that Caleb's visit to Ravenswood in the Halloween special won't really have as much to do with Hanna and her family as it will with his own.

"With Ravenswood especially, Caleb starts to uncover more about his ancestry so there's opportunity for that relationship to be revisited through that, so it leaves it open-ended.... Something happens in the Halloween episode that repaves his path so that his attention is more on his ancestors and his past and his bloodline."


But how will Ravenswood be different from its sister show, Pretty Little Liars? Marlene King and Tyler Blackburn say we can expect something "much darker".

Of the spinoff, King teases fans can expect a "much darker" tone than Pretty Little Liars. "The secrets are darker, the stakes are greater. It's a darker, scarier, Dark Shadows-y kind of place," she says.

Blackburn continues, "It's in the vein of a lot of supernatural horror films. They've referenced a lot of old films from the ‘30s as far as feel, as far as storyline goes, it's about five teenagers who are brought together under this curse. They have to figure out what it is and how they can get out of it."

And while he calls landing his very own spinoff "exciting," he admits it was hard to learn he was leaving Rosewood and its inhabitants behind. "It's a little bit bittersweet obviously because I have so much affinity for the cast and crew. But it's part of a franchise so it still feels like part of the family in a way," he tells us. "I've sort of gotten over the bitter aspect, and I'm like, ‘Sweet!'"

Are you sad that Tyler/Caleb is leaving Pretty Little Liars, or are you looking forward to seeing him star in his own drama? Or both?