Ravenswood Spoilers: Olivia’s Relationship with Luke, Caleb – and Boyfriend, Dillon

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October 22, 2013


For fans of Pretty Little Liars, we’re used to those big, kind of “oh-my-god” moments. Will we get some of those in Ravenswood?
“Yes, definitely. Definitely yeah. I think that’s one of the bonuses of this show. It’s got the cliffhangers like Pretty Little Liars.”

TV Fanatic interviewed Merritt Patterson – who plays Olivia on Ravenswood – to kind of get a feel for her character and the show in general.

You can check out some Olivia spoilers below:

  • On her relationship with twin brother, Luke:
    “It’s kind of your typical sibling relationship. They go from really loving and protective to really irritated and annoyed, but they’re family and they stick together.

  • Does she have a boyfriend?
    “She has a boyfriend, his name’s Dillon. He’s played by Luke Benward. He’s a really great boyfriend who’s trying to support her through this time.”

  • How does she interact with Tyler Blackburn’s Caleb Rivers?
    “They’re just starting to try and kind of get to know each other now, and we’re filming the fourth episode ["The Devil Has a Face"], so…. There’s a lot that happens in the first couple of episodes, so they don’t actually get to know each other very well, just due to the events that are going on.”

What do you think of Merritt Patterson’s character, Olivia so far, and are you excited for the premiere of Ravenswood this coming Tuesday, October 22?