Ravenswood Spoilers: A Hundred-Year Curse and a Family Tragedy

Ravenswood Spoilers: A Hundred-Year Curse and a Family Tragedy


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In their respective interviews with Zap2It, Ravenswood cast members, Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) and Merritt Patterson (Olivia Matheson) delved a little deeper into the core of ABC Family's new drama and what it's about. Let's just say the show is definitely not lacking in the conflict (and drama) departments.

Tyler: "In the town, there's a curse that lingers, it's been in the town for a long time, hundreds of years. It directly affects five people, Caleb included. It's about him uncovering the mystery of the curse and how it correlates to his ancestry. He also helps the other four do the same."

Merritt: "[Olivia] is kind of your all-American, popular girl who's kind of had everything in life -- great family, great upbringing, well-liked in the town. She's gunning for Homecoming Queen. And then she experiences a family tragedy which kind of flips her world upside down...it changes her."

How do you think Olivia and her brother, Luke's family tragedy (which we know to be the murder of their father) is related to the hundred-year-old curse - and how is that related to Caleb's ancestry? Hit the comments with your thoughts/speculation.