Ravenswood Spoiler: Why is Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) Moving to Ravenswood? And What IS Ravenswood, Anyway?

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September 17, 2013


According to PLL executive producer, Oliver Goldstick, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will have a “compelling reason” to stay in Ravenswood rather than Rosewood:

“At the end of the Halloween episode, there’s a twist that provides a compelling reason for Caleb to at least stay there temporarily to explore what the hell something is. It pertains to him; it’s not about Alison or Hanna.”

What do you think it is, and how is it connected to his family lineage?

It’s nothing new that Tyler Blackburn’s Pretty Little Liars character, Caleb Rivers will be making an appearance in its spin-off, Ravenswood come October. But why Caleb, exactly? Executive producer, Marlene King talked a little bit about that with TVLine.

“It was always thought [behind the scenes] that Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn) would move over to Ravenswood. And when our audience gets to know what Ravenswood is, they’ll understand why it was the right choice for him to take us into that world.”

What role do you think Caleb will play in introducing us to this new world of Ravenswood, and do you think his character will eventually be phased out of Pretty Little Liars?