Ravenswood Spoiler: The Curse is the “Mystical” ‘A’ of Ravenswood

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October 22, 2013



Britney Oldeford (who plays Remy) spoiled to Zap2It a little tidbit about a recurring “incident” that might just be related to the curse of Ravenswood:

“Every so many years there has been an incident happening to a group of people in the town and they start to find out there are similarities from all the incidents, dating from the 1800s all the way up to now,” says Oldford, which she says makes the show a lot of fun.


In his interview with TV Fanatic, Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) answers that “the curse” of Pretty Little Liars‘s spin-off series, Ravenswood is a lot like the “A” of PLL. Oh yeah, except “A” is a person.

“Yeah…but, unlike the whole ‘A’ thing…’A’ is a person. This curse is mystical, it’s spiritual; and it’s much harder to grasp and understand, and therefore control. It’s almost scarier.”

Tyler goes on to say in the interview that we will see Caleb back in Rosewood at some point. Hmm…think it’s to see Ashley Benson’s Hanna Marin, or for other “mystical” reasons?