Ravenswood Spoiler: Caleb and Miranda Have a Shared Past

Ravenswood Spoiler: Caleb and Miranda Have a Shared Past


“Ravenswood is a very spooky, creepy, old town. It revolves around these five characters who discover that they are under this curse and they all kind of band together to break the curse before it’s too late. It always feels like something is hanging over their shoulders or watching them or there’s always danger.”

In Wetpaint Entertainment's interview with Ravenswood's Nicole Gale Anderson (who plays Miranda), Nicole shed a little bit of light on the darkness that is this "creepy, old town" of Ravenswood - including the discovery that she and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) are part of this hundred-year-old curse, after they both find two gravestones in the Ravenswood cemetery with images of people that look exactly like each of them.

“[Miranda's] fun, she’s strong, very spunky and witty, very smart. She kind of likes to find the humor in non-humorous situations. She kind of has a shared past with Caleb, you know they’ve been through very similar experiences.

But will those similar experiences eventually bring Caleb and Miranda closer together, you know, in a romantic way? (Haleb forbid.)

Potentially, but there’s a curse hanging over their head, so there’s definitely a larger element that kind of keeps them together. I think that, initially, it’s just about watching each other’s backs and just being there for one another. Then something that Miranda experiences at the end of [the first episode] definitely allows Caleb to really want to stay around Ravenswood.

What do you think is up with those gravestones, and Caleb and Miranda's shared past? Would you like to see more tension between Tyler and Nicole's characters, or will you still be rooting for Caleb to be with Ashley Benson's Hanna from Pretty Little Liars?