Ravenswood Episode 6 “Revival” Spoilers: More Spook, More Grunwald…and More Original Caleb and Miranda

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December 23, 2013


Zap2It gave some sneak tidbits about Ravenswood‘s winter premiere episode, “Revival” – including something about a “murderous” scarecrow? That’s definitely creepy.

Check ‘em out below:

  • The season comes back with a very spooky episode. Hope you’re not afraid of scarecrows.
  • For those of you wishing there was more Mrs. Grunwald (Meg Foster) in the first half of the season, you’re in luck. She features heavily in “Revival” and it is glorious. Can’t have enough of Grunwald, we say.
  • Remy’s sleep disorder is a big focus of the episode as well, leading the kids to a few answers about the origin of the curse. But also more questions. Because that’s how these shows roll.
  • We do get to see original Caleb and Miranda again, which is a lot of fun, plus we meet original Miranda’s mom and original Caleb’s dad — and boy, did they do a good job casting him. He looks like he could be Tyler Blackburn’s dad in real life.
  • All you Ciranda shippers out there will enjoy the episode, though it’s not like everything is suddenly rainbows and cartoon hearts. There is still the small matter that she’s, you know, dead. So Haleb shippers … don’t get too angry just yet.
  • There is a reference made to “the grinder.” We do not know if that is literal or not. We are not sure we want to find out.
  • But speaking of nightmare fuel, Max and Dillon are still lurking around, eating ice cream and having Dawson Leery hair (respectively) while they plot and scheme.

Overall, it’s a slam-bang way to come back — a scare-filled, action-packed hour of TV. We can’t wait to see more of what “Ravenswood” has in store the rest of the season.

Somehow I’m having more fun picturing Max and Dillon lurking and eating ice cream than I am the scarecrow…. What do you think about Ravenswood‘s winter premiere so far, will it be good?