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Ravenswood Episode 5 "Scared to Death" Spoilers: Miranda Wakes Up in Caleb's Dream

Ravenswood Episode 5 "Scared to Death" Spoilers: Miranda Wakes Up in Caleb's Dream


Nicole Gale Anderson also spoiled to Wetpaint Entertainment a little about the scene between Miranda and Caleb's ancestors in the mid-season finale episode, "Scared to Death":

"This episode is really exciting because the flashback to the original Miranda and Caleb will reveal how the pact was made, who was involved, and how those two were connected in the whole process. It definitely unravels more of the mystery, and you get a lot more answers. It also reveals who the main bad guy is in this situation. It points the group in the right direction, and they know who to start looking for in order to reverse the pact. It definitely propels them forward."


If you've seen the photos for episode 5 (the midseason finale) of Ravenswood, "Scared to Death", then you're probably itching to see this flashback scene to Miranda and Caleb's ancestor selves...and Nicole Gale Anderson (Miranda) had some spoilers on that very scene to dish to Zap2It.

"The next episode [episode 5, "Scared to Death"] basically starts off with Miranda waking up in this amazingly perfect dream home with her mom and her dad and this cute little girl named Max and everything seems picture-perfect. But what she doesn't know is that it isn't quite what it appears to be.

"Caleb, it comes to him in a dream, he quickly starts to piece together all the clues he found within that box from the last episode [episode 4, "The Devil Has a Face"] and the four Ravenswood kids try to figure out the clues to find Miranda."

But who is this girl named Max, exactly?

"[Max] is very deceivingly sweet, or appears to be very, very sweet. The actress that plays her is the most beautiful, gorgeous little girl and so talented, but her creepy face gets us every time. She's so good at playing evil! It's so crazy.

"You'll see her throughout, she plays a much bigger role in the past than any of us could imagine. She's kind of the middle-man. She reports back to someone that we don't know who yet."

As far as a romantic connection between Miranda and Caleb - past or present selves - Nicole Gale Anderson mentions that their ancestors were "very much in love" and even believed they were "soulmates".

"[Miranda and Caleb] believed they were soulmates for eternity, it was so romantic to play with the costumes and the hair and makeup, it was so much fun.


Yikes. Should Ashley Benson's Hanna (Pretty Little Liars) watch out? Not exactly, because as Nicole reminds us, Miranda is still, after all, a ghost girl.

"Miranda just wants Caleb to be happy and safe and get away from all of this. He's already done so much for her and she just wants him to be OK. She really does care about him and she is undeniably attracted to him ... but there isn't really much she can do because she's a ghost.

"Caleb has a lot to figure out, especially with Hanna. He just wants to do what's best for Hanna as well. You'll get to see more Caleb and Miranda moments throughout the season but nothing too intimate, 'cause, you know, I'm a ghost."

What do you think about this new development between Caleb and Miranda's characters?