Ravenswood Casting Spoilers: Who Are the Series Regulars?


*UPDATE! Brett Dier's character, Abel has gone through a name change - to Luke.

You may have read about a couple casting tidbits for, and heard about Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) joining the cast of, Pretty Little Liars upcoming spin-off series, Ravenswood, but there have since been some adjustments to the cast.

Read on below to meet the cast of Ravenswood, airing in October with the PLL Halloween special:

  • Abel Luke, played by Brett Dier (L.A. Complex):

    Dier will play Abel Luke, a lone wolf and old soul with a brooding intensity. There's something dangerous lurking inside him -- or he could be wounded and covering. His trust is hard won, but once you're in his inner circle, he'll never let you down.

  • Olivia, played by Merritt Patterson (Kyle XY, Life Unexpected): Originally set to play Olivia's former best friend, Tess, Merritt has since been re-cast in the lead role of Olivia (who was originally announced to be portrayed by former model, Elizabeth Whitson).

    Patterson will play the series regular role of Tess, Olivia's (Elizabeth Whitson) former best friend who is not involved with the curse. She'll appear in the subsequent Ravenswood episodes that follow the series' Halloween installments.

    "As we dug deeper into the mythology of Ravenswood, we decided to re-conceive the character of Olivia. Merritt Patterson seemed to be the best choice for the direction the character is now headed," executive producers for Ravenswood said in a joint statement exclusive to THR.

    Whitson [Patterson], meanwhile, will play Olivia, Abel's (Dier) twin sister and a former prom queen who has fallen from grace. She's learning who her real friends are after most everyone in her inner circle turns their backs on her. Recent events have left the once carefree and effortlessly happy Olivia questioning what's important.

  • Miranda, played by Nicole Gale Anderson (Beauty and the Beast, Make It Or Break It):

    Miranda is described in a casting breakdown as a “fiercely independent foster kid” who “uses her wits to cover her emotional scars.”

  • Remy, played by Britne Oldeford:

    ...Remy, who can fit anywhere but doesn’t belong to any one crowd. Inquisitive and determined, she won’t stop looking for the truth until she finds it.

What do you think of the cast so far?

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