Ravenswood Casting Spoilers: Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson Cast as Series Regulars!


Come October 2013, ABC Family will air a Pretty Little Liars spin-off series called, Ravenswood.

It's since been announced that PLL series regular, Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers) will be part of the new series, and now ABC Family has also announced the series first two regular castmembers: Brett Dier and Elizabeth Whitson.

"ABC Family announced today that it has cast two new series regulars in the "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off series, "Ravenswood." Brett Dier will star as Abel, a lone wolf with an old soul whose trust is hard won but who is loyal until the end, and Elizabeth Whitson will star as Olivia, a once carefree and effortlessly happy spirit who has recently experienced hardship, leaving her questioning what's important and what no longer matters. Abel and Olivia are twins whom fans will first meet during the "Pretty Little Liars" special Halloween episode."

What do you think of these two main characters for Ravenswood - and of the casting?

Source: ABC Family Media