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Rake Episode 3 "Cancer" Guide

rakeFOX has released the official guide of Rake episode 3 "Cancer". This episode is slated to air on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 9PM ET/PT.


Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk and Annie Mumolo (“Bridesmaids”) Guest-Star

  • When a gambling-addicted mother (guest star Annie Mumolo) defrauds an insurance company under the pretense that her son has cancer, Keegan must find a way to win the case by appealing to the jury’s emotions.
  • Meanwhile, Finn is disappointed when Keegan falls through on his promise to have Tony Hawk come to his school’s auction and Keegan loses his poker winnings to an unexpected competitor.

Cast: Greg Kinnear as Keegan Deane; Mirando Otto as Maddy Deane; John Ortiz as Ben Leon; Necar Zadegan as Scarlet Leon; Bojana Novakovic as Melissa “Mikki” Partridge; Tara Summers as Leanne Zander; David Harbour as David Potter; Ian Colletti as Finn Deane.

Guest Cast: Elizabeth Ho as Debbie Lee; Annie Mumolo as Carol Grady; Niko Baur as Greg Grady; Alexander Eckert as Bobby Grady; Jama Williamson as Stacy; Jenna Ortega as Zoe Leon; Jeffrey Nordling as Bruce; Cedric Yarbrough as Jules; Kristin Carey as Lisa Humphrey; Barry Levy as Judge; Eva Tingley as Joyce; Mary Gallagher as Alice; Tony Hawk as Tony Hawk; Darin Heames as Joe; Nick Vallelonga as Pit Boss.

Source: FOX