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Rake Episode 13 "A Man's Best Friend" Guide

rakeFOX has released the official description of Rake episode 13 "A Man's Best Friend". This episode is slated to air on Friday, Aprill 11 at 8PM.


Pamela Adlon Guest-Stars

  • Keegan defends a close friend and well-respected doctor accused of animal cruelty, after an explicit video of him, his wife and his dog gets stolen.
  • Meanwhile, Scarlet and David's campaigns for District Attorney take a nasty turn when personal information gets leaked to the press, Ben gets tied up in a federal investigation when his firm's finances are questioned and Maddy rekindles a relationship with a former girlfriend (guest star Pamela Adlon).

Cast: Greg Kinnear as Keegan Deane; Mirando Otto as Maddy Deane; John Ortiz as Ben Leon; Necar Zadegan as Scarlet Leon; Bojana Novakovic as Mikhaela "Mikki" Partridge; Tara Summers as Leanne Zander; David Harbour as David Potter; Ian Colletti as Finn Deane.

Guest Cast: Kim Hawthorne as Gloria Barzmann; Mark Moses as Dr. Sam Falcon; Pamela Adlon as Glenn Shepard; Omar J Dorsey as Roy; Emjay Anthony as Adam Leon; Jenna Ortega as Zoe Leon; Nicolas Bechtel as Max Leon; Melora Waleters as Jan Falcon; John O'Brien as Judge; Michael Bofshever as Judge James Lanning; Seth Coltan as Fairfax Freddy; Gregg Perrie as Cal Crawford; Leslie Kies as Becca; Rodney J. Hobbs as Reporter Dan; Nalini Sharma as Alice; Michelle Krusiec as Dr. Mary Vaughn.

Source: FOX