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Rake Episode 12 "Remembrance of Taxis Past" Guide and Photos

Rake Episode 12 "Remembrance of Taxis Past" Guide and Photos

rake_ep12 - 9Fox has released the official description of Rake episode 12 "Remembrance of Taxis Past". This episode is slated to air on Friday, April 4 at 8PM ET/PT.


Philip Baker Hall ("Bad Words") and Pamela Adlon ("Californication") Guest-Star

  • With Scarlet's campaign for L.A. District Attorney in full swing, Keegan charms California's well-respected ex-governor, Mitch Markham (guest star Philip Baker Hall), into providing financial and political support for Scarlet's campaign.
  • Meanwhile, Keegan is uncomfortable when Maddy enlists her ex-lover, Glenn (guest star Pamela Adlon), a well-known campaign consultant, to give Scarlet's campaign the vigor it needs, and Scarlet faces a serious opponent in David Potter, Mikki's fiancee.

Cast: Greg Kinnear as Keegan Deane; Mirando Otto as Maddy Deane; John Ortiz as Ben Leon; Necar Zadegan as Scarlet Leon; Bojana Novakovic as Mikhaela "Mikki" Partridge; Tara Summers as Leanne Zander; David Harbour as David Potter; Ian Colletti as Finn Deane.

Guest Cast: Kim Hawthorne as Gloria Barzmann; Philip Baker Hall as Mitch Markham; Pamela Adlon as Glenn Shepard; David Gautreaux as Ebell; Alix Angelis as Ginny; Kris Angelis as Rachel; Rob Moran as Slater; Seth Coltan as Fairfax Freddy; Garen Boyajian as Randall; Kim Estes as Judge Terry Jameson; Gerald Webb as Prosecutor; Ursula Burton as Linda Hirschberg.


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