What The Cast Has To Say About Private Practice Season 4 Finale

What The Cast Has To Say About Private Practice Season 4 Finale

Here's what the cast of Private Practice has to say about the season 4 finale!

Before we talk about the season finale, let's talk about how our everyone will react once the love-birds, Charlotte and Cooper, are back in L.A.

"We’re given a hard time by our friends, that’s for sure,”

Paul Adelstein (Cooper) told TVLine.

Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) says,

“It’s tough for Amelia, because she was really touched [to be asked to maid of honor]. She tried really hard to make it perfect because she’s not a very perfect girl, and then they went and eloped. So she takes it pretty hard.”

Now the season finale! KaDee Strickland (Charlotte) says the finale promises to

“shock and surprise you left and right. I will tell you, I was so surprised by the very very end. A lot happens to different characters in the finale, a lot of good stuff in there. The final scene of the episode surprised the hell out of me when I read it

Read more: http://uk.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b240882_spoiler_chat_damon_doomed_on_vampire.html#ixzz1MAg5Z6M5”.

Adelstein teases

“Oh man… In keeping with [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes], it features an amazing twist. Totally riveting and terrifying, and unexpected.”

Everyone is tight-lipped on what will happen during the finale that will leave the audience's jaws to drop, but Strickland says that after reading the very last scene for the first time,

“I could not believe it. I don’t know where we’re going to be next season.”

“It is not to be missed!”

adds Scorsone.

Now we all knew that it was only a matter of time before Amelia unraveled, and she will finally face her own demons says Scorsone.

"Amelia was coming from a pretty dark place when she started the show, and then she really got herself together in a very tangible way. But as the season comes to a close, things have gotten pretty stressful for her. The end of the season leaves her in an interesting place — and leaves me excited for next year,"

Scorsone told TV Guide.
The staff of Oceanside Wellness Center is going to have to deal with the return of a character

"we know very well,"

which will push Amelia, a recovering addict, over the edge. "

We have to deal with this character again, and it becomes a case that Amelia is involved in. It's a pretty emotionally loaded case for her."

she continues
Strickland warns the audience as well and says

"Do not leave the room! Do not leave the room in the last 10 minutes of the show unless you really want to be lost."

Executive producer Betsy Beers adds,

"It's very shocking. There are going to be a couple of very surprising events and one shocking event. The thing I can say is that it's filled with choices. There are a lot of very large choices which will get made in the finale."