Private Practice Spoilers: Surprises Ahead For Remaining Episodes Of Season 5

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March 21, 2012

What can we expect when Private Practice returns on it’s on new night Tuesday, April 17?  Well how about the unexpected!

That’s right….there’s never a dull moment for our favorite doctors at Seaside Wellness!  And, that’s how Shonda likes it!  To keep the curveballs coming and leaving fans wanting more!

She recently gave Kristin Dos Santos from Watch With Kristin some insiders scoop on what we can look forward to for the rest of the season:

“I feel like I want to warn people: There’s a lot of things that are going to happen on Private Practice that people did not see coming. I think some of them are going to be fairly stunning. I don’t know what else I can say about that. Some of them are really good and some of them are really bad.”

Whatever the surprises are they’ll definitely have us tuning in for the rest of the season when the show returns next month!