Private Practice Spoilers: Prepare For One Very Emotional Episode

Dr Charlotte King is recommending you have a box of tissues handy when you watch the upcoming episode of Private Practice season 5 episode 17; "The Letting Go".

Matt Mitovich from recently spoke to KaDee Strickland (Dr. Charlotte King) about the upcoming episode; which was directed by her tv husband, Paul Adelstein (Dr. Cooper Freedman); and she had this to say about what to expect.

"When I chatted up KaDee Strickland, she was in the midst of shooting an episode that was being directed by no less than her scene partner, Paul Adelstein. And what sort of fare did he have to work with this second time around? “They gave him one helluva episode,” Strickland avowed. “It is probably one of the most emotional episodes we’ve had all season” – which is saying something, given all the recent drama surrounding Erica and also Sam’s sister. In fact, at the table read for Adelstein’s episode, “We had to pass around a box of tissues, and I’m not making that up,” Strickland stressed."

Seems like we're in for another very intriguing and emotional episode!