Private Practice Spoilers: Possible Addisam Baby On The Way

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February 29, 2012

Seems like Private Practice’s Dr. Addison Montgomery may be getting her long desired wish of becoming a mom afterall!

Unfortunately, it also means her on-again off-again boyfriend, Sam Bennett may not be getting what he wants by becoming a father again. That’s right it looks like that little hookup Addison and Sam had back in “Private Practice Season 5 Episode 15: Too Much” may have left a little parting gift, i.e. a baby! According to Kristin Dos Santos from E!’s Watch With Kristin, show executives are on the hunt for a particulary cute new cast member:

“We’ve learned that the powers that be are on the lookout for some seriously cute new cast members: biracial twins! We know what you Addison (Kate Walsh) and Sam (Taye Diggs) fans are thinking, and we’re thinking it too: The fan-favorite couple could have their little bundle sooner than we thought. Could be, could be!”

Dare I say what all all fans have been waiting for since the show began-could Addison really be getting the baby she’s been wanting all long? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see to find out!