'Private Practice Season 5: What's Coming Up Next

'Private Practice Season 5: What's Coming Up Next

Keep reading to find out some spoilers on what's coming up next when Private Practice season 5 returns on September 29 at 10/9c on ABC.

  • Last we saw Pete (Tim Daly), he ominously collapsed on the ground. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes told TVLine.

"Lucas does not know how to dial 911.”

  • The premiere's title is "God Laughs" so it'll be interesting to see what's so funny about this episode since the season premiere opens minutes after the last season finale. But there will be a time jump later on in the episode and Addisam will be cohabitating (Addison moves in with Sam) while Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is now living at Addison's place.
  • During the second episode of the season, there will be interviews going on to try to find Naomi's replacement but those won't go too well.
  • You'd think that after Amelia's medical privileges were suspended that she's would at least attempt to get back on track but Shonda Rhimes tells TVGuide she's only going to fall further down the rabbit hole this season. She explains,

“We’re going to see this as an ongoing struggle that she goes through. Doctors and addiction is a huge issue that we’ve never really tackled before in a meaningful way.”

  • Paul Adelstein (Cooper) tells E!Online

“I can tell you that Pete is struggling for his life. Addison and Sam are struggling for their relationship, the practice itself is struggling for its life, and Cooper is going to try and save a bunch of children.”

  • Sadly, it's a rocky road for Charlotte and Cooper this season. She's going to have to deal with a big betrayal early on this season. KaDee Strickland (Charlotte) explains,

"For a woman who went through what she did last year with the sexual assault, trust becomes a huge part of her day-to-day life. And when the person who weathered the storm with her decides to put her in a very compromised position, that's pretty tough on the relationship."

  • As for Naomi returning, “Anything’s possible in Shondaland,” says Kate Walsh (Addison). “But as far as Sam and Naomi are concerned, I feel like we’ve beaten that horse to death.” continues Taye Diggs (Sam).
  • Adelstein explains that Charlotte and Cooper having a baby has been a constant conflict.

“Cooper has been gung-ho for children for a long time. Charlotte has always been a little lukewarm on the subject.”

  • As part of Addison’s baby-making plans, Kate Walsh says her character will be back “in the stirrups” in a scene that should leave viewers in “utter shock.” Walsh adds,

“The last time we saw Addison like that was on Grey’s Anatomy when she was living in the woods with Derek, and Bailey found poison oak on her vajayjay.”

What do you think will happen to Pete? How do you think Cooper will betray Charlotte? Comment away

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