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Private Practice Season 5 Episode 3 Spoilers From Fan Site

Check out these spoilers for episode 3 of Private Practice season 5.

These spoilers have been taken from a fan site. Not all of these spoilers have been confirmed so keep in mind, they might just be rumors.

  • Addison is doing a ultrasound on Nina Hopkins. She is in her 20s and pregnant. Nina is one of Dr. Reilly (BB’s character) patients because she was born with no uterus. However, her ovaries are functional and that is what counts. Neil tells Addison that Dr. Reilly was amazing. Nina is raise the baby herself with the help of her grandmother, Dorthy. Her grandmother and mother were both single mothers. After Nina’s mother died, Nina decided she didn’t want to wait and put her dream on hold. She graduated top of her class at UCLA and was on the partner track, but she decided she didn’t want that. She wanted her mother’s life. She wanted to get pregnant and raise a child while she was young enough. Addison also makes a decision.
  • Violet and Lucas have a play date at Trish’s (Leo’s mom) house. They also meet Annette (Daisy’s mom) and Lynn (Huck’s mom). All the mother’s have read Violet’s book. They ask if she wrote it to help with the pre-school apps. Violet says no that Lucas is only two. The mother’s look at her with horror and pity. Violet learns that Annette’s little boy, Leo, bit his cousin and broke the skin. Violet thinks there might be more going on with Leo which is why he is biting.
  • Amelia is treating Laura who has Parkinson’s disease. The medication she is on has increased her sexual desire. However, she doesn’t want it to stop. She says she loves her husband, Will. He was her high school boyfriend and they got married right after college. She says she hasn’t been with anyone but him. However, when she increased her meds and started having all this desire, she liked it. Amelia tells her there is always couples counseling. Laura says it isn’t only about sex, that it is a feeling of freedom. She is addicted to it. That it is a incredible drug that makes her forget what is happening to her body. Amelia understands. Will, her husband, now has gonorrhea. Will learns that Laura cheated on him with several men and has given him gonorrhea. Sam (I think) is treating Will.
  • Mason (7 yrs. old) is sitting on the exam table when Cooper walks in. Erica smiles at him. Cooper tells Mason he is going to give Mason a shot. Mason doesn’t like shots, but Cooper tells him they don’t hurt the way he gives them. Cooper quickly gives Mason a shot. Mason is shocked because it didn’t hurt. Erica and Mason are having lunch at a fast food place. Mason notices Cooper who is carrying a trey with 3 shakes and 3 fries. Mason calls for Cooper to come over there. Cooper has lunch with them. Mason is seating on the floor playing with a toy car. Erica (working class, no college) sits at the table with Cooper. Cooper doesn’t understand how this happened. Erica tells him they were drunk and didn’t use protection. Erica tells him that if it is any consolation they know when. It was 8 years ago this March. Cooper asks why she is just telling him now. Erica said she dated a few guys, but most of them left after they found out she was a single mother. Some of them stuck around to play daddy for a while, but left. She said it was fine when he was young and didn’t understand. However, now Mason is asking questions all about the world and where he came from. She says he has a right to know. He wanted to meet his dad. The next day, Erica comes into Cooper’s office. She says his wife (Charlotte) called her and wanted to meet her to discuss some things. Erica says she didn’t understand why, but agreed. Charlotte gave her a 20,000 dollar check to leave. Cooper tells Erica he is sorry for what Charlotte did that he didn’t know. Erica says that to tell him the truth she almost took it because it would be easier. However, she says she declined because this wasn’t about her. It was about Mason and he deserves more. She just hopes Cooper deserves him.

Source: Private Practice Fan Site